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Huge list with working gay passwords

Saturday, February 5th, 2011
Username: milonga
Password: parecorda
Username: epochtt
Password: epochtest
Username: aurora
Password: colonell
Username: 4HqGZX8J
Password: sWF7k4H9
Username: udiph
Password: 8877JJB8
Username: campari
Password: 554455
Username: MmnUI9
Password: J8J/qqws
Username: 6049sand
Password: sandmill
Username: diego
Password: avilla
Username: bwd231
Password: brian123
Username: bingo
Password: adimil411
Username: frank
Password: frank
Username: blatta
Password: nonigger
Username: 4HqGZX8J
Password: sWF7k4H9
Username: privade
Password: milloch
Username: coolmoon6350
Password: 841112
Username: 4HqGZX8J
Password: sWF7k4H9
Username: gamme
Password: powwah
Username: anfny77
Password: dkny77
Username: MOd87OREG
Password: APw9HCO234
Username: barista
Password: macciata
Username: ryrtryrt
Password: newpw012
Username: myuserna
Password: mypasswo
Username: biatrixxx
Password: lexxx
Username: 4HqGZX8J
Password: sWF7k4H9
Username: blah205
Password: bjqryq04
Username: FENWICK
Password: geminix2
Password: lwatsonswart

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Updated passwords to gay pay sites for free on kikipasses

Sunday, January 9th, 2011
Username: malik102
Passworf: bayshore
Username: papilla
Password: pingin
Username: alc39d327
Password: acc3omdp9
Username: piastre
Password: roseblatt
Username: jomat64
Password: oxford
Username: pimpa
Password: condoms
Username: mnmedia
Password: Zuniga11
Username: bariboa
Password: zagozzaa
Username: Debit
Password: debit
Username: babina
Password: combico
Username: sweeney
Password: product
Username: pipura
Password: kurrila
Username: rboyer
Password: bunbury
Username: minness
Password: kanzkotta
Username: pjgaudet
Password: jude4700
Username: rboyer
Password: bunbury

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